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Arts Audiences is a partnership project between the Arts Council and Temple Bar Cultural Trust

The Arts Audiences initiative seeks to clarify and address issues around audience development and experience in the arts. In constrained economic times, it is of greater than ever importance that the arts maximise engagement with, and revenue from, its audience.

The initiative, which began in 2009, seeks to build capacity in organisations and to initiate, support and highlight best practice.

The initiative has its own website; if you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed for regular updates then log on and click the link on the right-hand side of the screen.

Details on some projects which the initiative has carried out, or which are ongoing, are here

The website contains a wealth of useful information including this article about new media and the arts generally, and specific information about Ireland. Visit

In addition, the website also contains details of interesting and unusual uses to which new media can be put in the arts.

We would also invite you to become a fan of Arts Audiences on Facebook.

If you are interested in sharing expertise and experience with others in this area, then we also have a LinkedIn Group called Arts Ireland. Search Groups to find us and discuss your concernd.

The Director of Arts Audiences is Una Carmody

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