Research and publications

As the development agency for the arts, the Arts Council has commissioned, assisted or published many reports and studies that outline how the Council seeks to enrich provision and practice in all the arts, including dance.

An integrated dance strategy 2010-2012 (PDF, 0.08 MB) This paper outlines how the Arts Council intends to build on its review of Partnership for the Arts concluded in June 2008, and offers a more developed and integrated overview of how the Council envisages dance provision in the future. The document aims to capitalise on the existing framework while proposing new strategic priorities that specifically address mid-term developments in dance. 201011
Step Up: A programme for pre-professional contemporary dance In Ireland (PDF, 1.51 MB) Co-commissioned by the Arts Council and the University of Limerick in 2010, Step Up: A programme for pre-professional contemporary dance in Ireland provides a comprehensive review of the existing dance educational landscape in Ireland. It also carries out a review of existing international models that could be used to create a structured environment for the professional development of Irish students and to increase the interaction between dancers trained abroad and the Irish dance sector.201079
Giving body to dance (DOC, 0.11 MB) This is a summary report of the review of building-based infrastructures for dance in Ireland. The document contains findings which relate to the quality of spaces that are currently available to professional dance practitioners countrywide.200918
Touring policy 2010 to 2015 (, ) The Arts Council has adopted a new policy for touring, to be delivered over the six year period 2010-2015. 20092
Towards a strategy of support for professional ballet in Ireland - Summary Report (PDF, 1.78 MB) This document summarises key findings, conclusions and recommendations arising from a review of professional ballet in Ireland. The review was commissioned by the Arts Council in May 2006. Derek Purnell, dance consultant and former chief executive of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, undertook the review.200620
Partnership for the Arts in practice 2006-2008/Comhpháirtíocht ar son na nEalaíon cleachtais 2006-2008 (PDF, 0.31 MB) 2005100
A professional dance curriculum for Ireland (PDF, 0.12 MB) This report focuses on specialist vocational training needs of aspirant dancers in Ireland between the ages of 12 and 18. It highlights the need for government to assume responsibility for the provision of an adequate training for a career in dance, and includes a comparative survey of provision for vocational dance education in twelve European countries.200448
Shall we dance? (PDF, 1.24 MB) This report appraises the current provision and standard of vocational dance education and training available to young people seeking to enter the profession. It aims to identify potential systems of funding and full-time training to further the development of vocational dance in Ireland. 199873
The performing arts and the public purse - summary reportAn economic analysis1987N/A
The performing arts and the public purse (PDF, 0.51 MB) An economic analysis198788
The dancer and the dance: developing theatre dance in Ireland (PDF, 0.32 MB) 198580