Research and publications

As the development agency for the arts, the Arts Council has commissioned, assisted or published many reports and studies that outline how the Council seeks to enrich provision and practice in all the arts, including cinema.

Touring policy 2010 to 2015 (, ) The Arts Council has adopted a new policy for touring, to be delivered over the six year period 2010-2015. 20092
Digital Cinema in Ireland (PDF, 1.47 MB) This report was commissioned by the Cultural Cinema Consortium (CCC) a joint initiative of the Arts Council (AC) and the Irish Film Board (IFB). It examines the technologies, the business models, and the experience of distributors and exhibitors to date.200844
Partnership for the Arts in practice 2006-2008/Comhpháirtíocht ar son na nEalaíon cleachtais 2006-2008 (PDF, 0.31 MB) 2005100
The cultural and economic trends of cinema in Ireland and Wales (PDF, 3.96 MB) An analysis of the cultural and economic impact of cinema in both Ireland and Wales with a detailed insight into current cinema provision in Ireland. The report aims to develop future exhibition strategies, to strengthen and expand the sector in both countries and to broaden and enhance programme choice for audiences.2004107
The Place of Cinema: the Cinema of Place (PDF, 1.27 MB) The purpose and content of this publication is to make more visible the work and achievements of local authorities in the promotion and development of the arts, with particular emphasis on the area of film. It provides a snapshot of what is happening at the current time and focuses on some local authorities programmes and direct promotions.200221
Developing cultural cinema in Ireland (PDF, 0.28 MB) An examination of the options and feasibility of creating a cost-effective network of independent art house cinemas in regional areas of Ireland, North and South, with a view to widening the choice for cinema audiences throughout Ireland. Its goal is to extend the range of films available and celebrate and stimulate appreciation of diversity in Irish and world cinema. 200184
Film in Ireland - the role of the Arts Council (PDF, 0.25 MB) This report reviews the role of the Arts Council in film, focusing on current Arts Council film policy and support. It aims to redefine the role of the Council in film as an agency for the support and development of film as an artform.199854
Film directories, 1978-1989 a film magazine for IrelandVol. 1-91978N/A
European film fortnight1977N/A