Hungry Tea


Hungry Tea was a two-year participatory arts project initiated by Cork Midsummer Festival. It was devised and developed by Mark Storor in association with Cork women’s intercultural group Creative Connections. Through a series of workshops and rehearsals Mark worked with a women's intercultural group in Cork during 2012. They collectively developed the project into a site-specific series of public performances which were presented at the Cork Midsummer Festival.

The group transformed a small terraced inner-city house in Blackpool, Cork into a theatrical space, welcoming audiences free of charge throughout the day. The women transformed into performers, some of whom interacted with the audience visitors while others took on a more otherworldly, ghost-like appearance moving around the house. Each of the rooms had its own unique installation.

Hungry Tea Installation, 2012. Eadaoin Berkeley. Photographer: Marcin Lewandowski

'Hungry Tea is a magical, and sometimes spooky, experience, one that asks you to reflect on what goes on behind closed doors. An awful lot, it seems.'  - The Irish Examiner.

Hungry Tea Installation, 2012. Cathy Mavinga. Photographer: Marcin Lewandowski

'It is a fascinating, contemplative work, at turns uncomfortable, at others strangely calming. . Storor has clearly encouraged the women to express themselves in the manner that feels most natural, and although the layers of text and subtext in each part of the house are never necessarily stripped away and revealed, it is clear that these women have worked deeply to arrive at where they are now.' - Irish Theatre Magazine

Hungry Tea Installation, 2012. Front of House at Night, Mella Magee.Photographer: Marcin Lewandowski

'I talked to people about my story so it was huge progress and a happy thing.'

'Taking over a house, was so brilliant and I think it really helped us achieve such a high level of performance.'

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Contact: Tom Creed, Producer or Kath Gorman, Associate Producer 

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Theatre and visual arts - live art

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Arts Participation - Arts and Cultural Diversity


Mark Storer, assisted by Aine Crowley and Carolyn Collier


Eadaoin Berkeley, Rachel O'Leary, Ruth McLaughlin, Elaine Archer, Mella Magee, Tatiana Dima, Josephine Taylor, Delene Rees, Cathy Mavinga, Neran Al  Shaikly, Kuinba Nare Sungu, Shamso Abuukar Abdugadir and Jennifer Williams.


  • Cork Midsummer Festival
  • Mayfield Arts
  • The Irish Immigrant Support Centre


In addition to the Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme award, managed by CREATE, this project was funded by the European Commission under the European Integration Fund and was supported by the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration in the Department of Justice and Equality and Pobal.

Hungry Tea Installation, 2012. Shamso Abuukar Abdugadir. Photographer: Carolyn Collier
arrow bullet iconHungry Tea Installation, 2012. With Shamso Abuukar Abdugadir; photo credit Carolyn Collier.
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