Festivals are key producers and presenters of the arts and are critical to engaging large and diverse audiences. Often festivals are the highlights on cultural calendars in communities large and small all around Ireland. The Arts Council provides financial support to a number of single artform festivals (e.g. theatre, dance, film) and such festivals are supported within in policy context of those artforms.  We also support many multidisciplinary arts festivals, meaning those festivals that programme across different artforms, including literature, music, street arts, theatre, visual arts and different areas of arts practice.

The Arts Council aims to support festivals that

  • make a critical contribution to innovative arts practice and provide arts experiences for a large and diverse audience
  • assist artists in developing their practice
  • commit to interpreting the arts in new and challenging ways and developing audiences to engage with such work.

The Arts Council works closely with Failte Ireland on the support and development of festivals, and on related matters, recognising the particular significance festivals have within the wider cultural tourism agenda.

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