Ireland is highly regarded for its theatre. With a wide variety of established and emerging production companies and artists, and a vibrant tradition of writing for theatre, Ireland has earned a reputation for excellence in theatre art. This reputation has been endorsed many times through international awards for Irish companies, dramatists, directors, actors and other theatre practitioners.

The Arts Council supports and develops theatre in Ireland through grant funding, project awards, support to individual artists, and support to venues, publications and resource organisations. We also aim to incentivise resource-sharing, talent development and career progression through a new series of specially tailored schemes.

To enhance our support for the theatre arts in Ireland, the Arts Council strives to achieve a balance between established organisations and emerging and established individual practitioners (see Production and Presentation of Theatre: a new approach 2010-2015). We also encourage inter-organisational supports and co-production arrangements in order to maximise the opportunities for artists to create work, and for audiences to enjoy world-class theatre.

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