The traditional arts are at the heart of communities throughout Ireland, a shared identity, though diverse in regional accent and technique. The traditional arts are defined as comprising traditional music, song, dance and oral arts such as storytelling, agallamh beirte and lúibíní. The fundamentals of the artist and arts practice, in particular transmission, are at the core of the Arts Council policy and spending decisions on the traditional arts

The traditional arts are enjoying positive growth, reinforced by the Arts Council’s commitment to the sector. We support the traditional arts by funding strategically important organisations and by encouraging individual artists to embark on challenging and innovative projects through a suite of individual awards and the bespoke traditional arts funding stream Deis. The Arts Council endeavours to create opportunities for traditional arts practitioners, support key players, and consolidate the traditional arts infrastructure.

The traditional arts play an important role in highlighting Ireland's world-class talent domestically and abroad. The Arts Council works closely with agencies such as Failte Ireland and Culture Ireland to ensure that Irish audiences and visitors to Ireland will continue to experience the highest quality in traditional arts in the future and to bring traditional arts to the wider Irish diaspora and new international audiences.

Caoimhín O Raghallaigh, Olive Braiden, Breanndán O Beaglaoich
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Caoimhín O' Raghallaigh, Olive Braiden, Breanndán O' Beaglaoich at the celebration of the first three years of the Traditional Arts Initiative.

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