Touring policy 2010-2015

The Arts Council has adopted a new policy for touring, to be delivered over the six year period 2010-2015.

Download touring policy 2010-2015 (0.04 MB, Word)

Dance Theatre of Ireland: Parallel Horizons

Dance Theatre of Ireland - Parallel Horizons


A future for arts touring in Ireland 2010-2015

Report - A future for arts touring in Ireland 2010-2015 (0.24 MB, PDF)

Appendix 1 - A review of touring policy from 1970s to 2000 (0.15 MB, PDF)

Appendix 2 - Dance Tour Case Study - Dance Theatre of Ireland - Slow Down.pdf (0.14 MB, PDF)

Appendix 3 - Music tour case study - Early music group Armoniosa - For several friends (0.14 MB, PDF)

Appendix 4 - Theatre tour case study Nomad Network and Livin' Dred (0.1 MB, PDF)

Appendix 5 - Visual arts tour case study exhibition surface tension (0.1 MB, PDF)

Appendix 6 - Summary of 50 research meetings by The Touring Experiment with tour producers (0.06 MB, PDF)

Appendix 7 - Audience attitudes and behaviour (phases I to III)

Appendix 8 -  Detailed analyses and findings in six art forms
(This appendix is confidential for commercial reasons. For access, please contact the Head of Venues at the Arts Council.)

Appendix 9 - Comparative analysis (conditions for artists) in dance, music, theatre and traditional arts (1.2 MB, PDF)

Appendix 10 - Research agenda options for future research related to audiences and touring (0.05 MB, PDF)

Appendix 11 - Tour distribution maps by art form and location

Appendix 12 - Mediamarket - media analysis and evaluation report (2.4 MB, PDF)

Appendix 13 - Acknowledgements (0.04 MB, PDF)

Appendix 14 -  References (0.04 MB, PDF)

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Conversations on a Homecoming - Livin' Dred and Nomad

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