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Young Ensembles Scheme

The Young Ensembles Scheme is one of a number of funding opportunities offered by the Arts Council to support and develop the arts in Ireland.  The primary purpose of the award is to support groups of young people between the ages of 12 and 23 to create ambitious and original work together in any artform (e.g., circus, dance, digital media, film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts, or any combination of the above).

Young Ensembles Scheme 2009 - workshop and showcase

Young Ensembles Scheme Workshop 2009

Young Ensembles Scheme Showcase 2009 (Photo:  Paddy Hough)

In January 2010, youth film, dance, theatre, music and visual arts groups awarded funding through the Young Ensembles Scheme in the previous year came together to share their experiences and examples of the work they had produced.  The event was facilitated and documented by Exchange Dublin, one of the groups awarded funding through the scheme.  View a short video from this event.

Young Ensembles Scheme - 2010

The Arts Council has announced the funding decisions for the Young Ensembles Scheme for 2010. Twenty two ensembles have been offered funding amounting to €180,091. There were 49 eligible applications and the total demand was €415,730.

To view the artists and organisations in receipt of funding - please go to the decisions database on the Arts Council website: select 'Young ensembles scheme' from the 'Fund' menu; select the year '2010' and click on 'Search'.

Young Ensembles - revenue funding

Young ensembles with a proven track record are eligible to apply for funding through one of the following Arts Council revenue strands:

-    Annual Programming Grant

-    Annual Funding

The closing date for applications to Annual Programming Grants or Annual Funding is 2 December 2010; the online application process opens on 1 November 2010.  Please note that both funding strands are highly competitive and given

Young Ensembles Scheme archive

Participants at the Young ensembles scheme 2009
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Young Ensembles Scheme 2009 Showcase (Photo: Paddy Hough)

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