Frequently asked questions

In order to deal efficiently with your queries we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Arts Council.  In addition, the Arts Council also supports external resource and service organisations in providing targeted information and advice. You can access a list of these organisations here in the Links section of the website. 

FAQs are grouped into the following categories:

  • About us: general issues relating to the Arts Council such as location, hours, budget, members of the Arts Council etc. 
  • Online services: FAQs on how to make an online application for funding using the Arts Council online services website.
  • Funding: FAQs on obtaining funding from the Arts Council including eligibility and how to make an online application
  • Projects and activities: Arts Council projects, partnerships, initiatives and activities.
  • Publications and research: access to Arts Council publications and research material.
  • Events: arts events in Ireland and abroad.
  • Arts contacts: how to obtain contacts for artists, art organisations and arts venues.
  • Opportunities: information on arts degrees/ post graduate courses in Ireland and jobs in the arts community.
  • Arts in Ireland and abroad: FAQs on obtaining information on policy (administrative and institutional structures, issues and trends) legislative framework (copyright, artists taxation, work permits) and arts research and statistics. 
RVB (3 screen video installation) - Anne Clea
arrow bullet iconRVB (3 channel DVD installation) - Connolly & Cleary, 2004, Arts Council collection.
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