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In this section we have grouped together frequently asked questions on how to apply for funding.  Apart from reading the FAQs, please go to our Find Funding Tool which will help you match available funding to your needs.

I applied for a bursary in visual arts /literature in round one of this year. Why can't I reapply for round two?

In 2012 we made some changes to the eligibility criteria for artists working in visual arts or literature. If you applied for a bursary in the last funding round (deadline 19 January 2012) you can’t reapply in this round, regardless of whether or not your application was successful. Also, if you received a bursary award in 2011 you can’t reapply in 2012.

This change was introduced in the context of workload reduction. Staff numbers at the Arts Council have reduced by 25% over the past four years while application levels have remained consistently high. This change to the bursary award is one of the consequences of the reduction in staff numbers. Visual arts and literature have by far the highest volume of applications for bursary.

While we accept that there will be artists that are disappointed by this change in policy it is also the case that the strategic rationale of the Arts Council, when it introduced two funding rounds for bursary, was that it allowed for artists to submit at a time that better suited their own working schedule - it was not designed as a way to give artists more opportunities to apply. It is also worth noting that some artforms (like music and film) only have one round in a year.

I have been awarded funding from the Arts Council. It's over €10,000 and I need to submit a tax clearance certificate. How do I get a tax clearance certificate?

Tax clearance certificates are supplied by the Irish Revenue and confirm that a person's or organisation's tax affairs are in order at the date the certificate was issued. You do not need to be resident in Ireland to request a tax clearance certificate.

For instructions on requesting a certificate, please visit the Tax Clearance section on the Revenue website -

What is the Find Funding Tool?

The Find Funding Tool helps you search through the different types of funding available from the Arts Council. You will be asked three questions to refine your search.

  1. What best describes you? For example, are you an artist, an arts organisation, a local authority, or a small festival?

  2. What artform or arts practice would you like funding for? Some funding is specific to an artform or arts practice while other funding can be applied for by any artform or arts practice. For example, Splanc! which provides funding for documentaries in Irish is for film only, while Projects: New Work can be applied for by practitioners in any artform or arts practice.

  3. How much do you want to apply for?

Can I make an online application for funding?

Yes, you can make an online application for funding at the Arts Council online services website:  Please make sure to read the guidelines for the relevant fund before you apply.  You can find details about available Arts Council funding in the financial support section of this website.

Are recipients of Arts Council funding/grants liable for tax?

The Arts Council recommends that you consult with your accountant or seek advice from the Revenue Commissioner on any issues relating to tax.  The Revenue Commissioner has indicated that for those who have obtained artists exemption status under Section 195, Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997, Arts Council bursaries and cnuas payments are exempt from tax.

Can I get funding to invite arts professionals from abroad to visit?

The primary purpose of Travel and Training Inbound is to support individuals or organisations who wish to invite specialists from abroad to deliver high-level training or mentoring for the professional development of artists and others working professionally in the arts in Ireland.

Where an individual or organisation wishes to bring in such specialists from abroad, the host individual or organisation may apply for the cost of travel and accommodation for the international guest(s). Payment will be made after the visit and only upon submission of receipts.

Applicants must state whom they wish to invite and provide details of the training or mentoring to be provided.

On what grounds can my application for an artists' award be considered ineligible?

Your application will be considered ineligible, and returned to you, if:

  • You do not fulfil the eligibility requirements;
  • Your application or supporting documentation was late;
  • You applied by sending an emailed or faxed application;
  • You did not fully complete the application form;
  • You did not include with your application all the required supporting material;
  • You sent your supporting material by email, fax or in hard copy (other than specified exceptions listed in the funding guidelines);
  • The proposed activity does not fit the purpose of the specific award for which you are applying;
  • The proposed activity is more suitable to another award funded by the Arts Council or operated by other state agencies, including Culture Ireland, Irish Film Board, Crafts Council of Ireland;
  • The artform/arts practice that is the main focus of your application is not provided for by the award and application round to which you are applying;
  • The proposed activity has already taken place or will be completed before a decision is due to be made on yourapplication;
  • The proposed activity is for charity fund-raising purposes, for participation in a competition, or for primarily profit-making purposes;
  • The proposed activity focuses primarily on therapeutic outcomes (art therapy) as opposed to artistic outcomes that enhance health and well-being (arts and health);
  • The project outlined has already been assessed by the Arts Council. An exception will be made if the Council has already advised you to redirect your application to another award. Please bear in mind that such advice is not an indication of a successful outcome.

Sea chant (multi-media) - Nina Canell and Rob
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Sea chant (multi-media installation) - Nina Canell & Robin Watkins, 2006, Arts Council collection.

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