If you receive funding

All funding is now managed using the Arts Council online services website - https://onlineservices.artscouncil.ie.  You accept your offer and manage your payments through your online account, where you made your application for funding.

Accepting funding

If you receive funding, a letter of offer will be sent to you. You must log in to your online services account at https://onlineservices.artscouncil.ie to accept the letter and any associated terms and conditions.

Acceptances of funding offers and requests for payment not submitted through online services are not accepted. These must be recorded via online services.

Changes to the original proposal

If there are any changes to the original proposal that you submitted with your application form in light of the funding that is offered, then you must notify the Arts Council. If any changes to the original proposal arise during the course of the funding, you must also notify the Arts Council. Any changes to a proposal must be agreed with the Arts Council.

Acknowledging Arts Council funding

As the recipient of Arts Council funding, you are required to acknowledge Arts Council funding in any promotional material associated with the activity for which the funding was provided. Please visit the logo guide page.

Untitled No 9,(acrylic on cotton) - Fergus Martin, 1996,  Arts Council Virtual Gallery.
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Untitled No 9, (acrylic on cotton) - Fergus Martin, 1996, Arts Council Virtual Gallery.

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