Important notice

Due to significant reductions in staff numbers, the Arts Council is reviewing the level of service it can offer in all areas. Accordingly, payments are now issued on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month only.

If on a payment schedule, you should bear this in mind when selecting the dates in the months you wish to receive your instalments. If you select another date, your schedule will be amended once received by the Arts Council, to issue payment on the set dates only.

Payment rules

The following rules apply to payments on all types of funding.

  1. General conditions
  2. Accepting your offer
  3. Tax details
  4. Bank details

There will be other specific requirements relating to the particular funding you have received. Refer to your letter of offer, terms and conditions and/or payment guide for details.

1. General conditions

  • All payments must be requested through your online services account at
  • Exceptions to managing payments online must be approved in advance by the Arts Council’s Operations Director.
  • All required documents and bank details must be in the name of the successful applicant. It is not possible to accept documents in the name of a different person or organisation.
  • The Arts Council makes payments by electronic credit transfer. To receive payment, you must provide and, if necessary, confirm bank account details (see below).

2. Accepting your offer

You must accept your offer of funding, including any associated terms and conditions, in order to proceed with requesting your payment. The terms and conditions of your funding are outlined in:

  • your offer letter;
  • a terms and conditions document (if one has been provided);
  • the application guidelines for the particular funding type.

You accept your offer via your online services account.  If you wish to accept your offer online without proceeding to requesting payment, you can do so.

3. Tax details

  • Your Republic of Ireland tax details must to be up-to-date in order to receive each payment. You must make all updates to your tax details and provide all necessary documentation via your online services account, in the ‘Update your account’ section.
  • If your award is between €650 and €10,000 and you have not received funding totalling €10,000 or more from the Arts Council in the previous 12 months (including the current award): you must provide a PPS/tax number or a valid charity number.
  • If your award is for €10,000 or more or you have received funding totalling over €10,000 from the Arts Council in the previous 12 months (including the current award): you must provide a PPS/tax number plus evidence of tax clearance OR a valid charity number.
  • Please see  for information on how to obtain the correct documentation for non-residents.

4. Bank account details

The Arts Council requires formal confirmation of all new or changed bank details. This must be provided through your online services account, in the ‘Update your account’ section. The confirmation can be in the form of:

  • electronic statements issued in the last two months;
  • a letter from your bank confirming your account details, stamped and signed (submitted in electronic format);
  • our bank details confirmation form, stamped. You can download this from the online services website.

Once you have submitted one of the above forms of confirmation via online services, this is kept on record for all future payments. You will not be asked for it again, unless you change your bank details.

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