Available funding

Arts organisations, artists, and groups (i.e. a non-profit organisation or community group or those working in the health and education sector) may apply for financial support from the Arts Council.  The 'Find Funding Tool' helps you search through the different types of funding available, in order to match your specific needs with the right funding programme.


Find funding tool

NameDecision DateMaximum Awarded €Abstract
Writers in schools schemeOngoing304The Writers in Schools Scheme part-funds visits by writers and storytellers to schools throughout the Republic of Ireland.
Dance artist residency scheme01 May 201420000The purpose of this scheme is to stabilise and support a network of dance artists in residence across the country
Theatre artist residency scheme01 May 201420000The purpose of this scheme is to offer theatre artists the opportunity to create a year-long work programme in partnership with venues and local authorities. The specific contents of the work programme will be designed by the theatre artist in collaboration with the venue and/or local authority.
Theatre resource-sharing support scheme01 May 201420000The purpose of this award is to offer organisations the opportunity to share administrative and production resources with a number of individual theatre artists over a specified period of time.
Touring and dissemination of work scheme08 May 2014UnlimitedThis scheme is designed to support the touring and dissemination of work in certain arts disciplines for tours starting between January 2015 and June 2015, and is open to applicants who are resident in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
Splanc! 30 May 2014120000TG4 and An Chomhairle Ealaíon/the Arts Council invite submissions for the 8th season of this innovative television documentary scheme that supports the creative exploration of the arts in Ireland.
Artist in the community scheme23 June 201410000The aim of the scheme is to encourage intense collaboration between communities of place and/or interest and artists, culminating in an artwork or a project in which the members of the community group and the artists work together in order to realise an artistic project or an event. The Artist in the Community Scheme is managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts in social and community contexts.
Artist in youth work residency schemeClosing date passed5000The aim of this scheme is to encourage artistic collaboration between professional artists and young people.
Arts participation project awardClosing date passed40000This award supports projects in the field of arts participation commencing in 2013.
Circus bursary awardClosing date passed12000 
DeisClosing date passed20000Deis is a scheme established under the Arts Councils Traditional Arts Initiative, 2005-2008. Deis is aimed at encouraging and facilitating the traditional arts community to seek funding from the Arts Council for a range of projects.
Deis recording awardClosing date passed10000The purpose of the Deis Recording Award is to provide support for traditional arts recording projects, or recording projects involving collaboration between the traditional arts and other artforms
EU Local Partnership schemeClosing date passedUnlimitedFor project activities and events taking place 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2013 inclusive. To mark Irelands Presidency of the Council of the European Union, this special issue of the Local Partnership Scheme is intended to support Local Authorities and Ealaín na Gaeltachta to develop or carry out innovative collaborative arts projects in co-operation with arts organisations within their localities or regions, and with partners elsewhere in Europe.
Local authority grantClosing date passedUnlimitedThe purpose of Local Authority Grant is to support the ongoing programme and strategic actions of the local authority arts services in developing the arts locally. This funding scheme is open to local authority arts services only.
Local partnership schemeClosing date passed20000Scheme to encourage new, local authority-led partnerships to develop innovative collaborative arts projects in the area of Cultural Diversity and the Arts.
Music recording schemeClosing date passedUnlimitedThe Music Recording Scheme has been suspended for 2014.
Opera production awardClosing date passedUnlimitedThe award is intended to support the making and presentation of opera productions during 2014, in line with the Arts Councils published policy for opera.
Opera production award 2013 (round 2)Closing date passed360000The award is intended to support the making and presentation of opera productions during 2013, in line with the Arts Councils published policy for opera
Opera project awardClosing date passed80000The award is intended to support the making and presentation of opera productions during 2014, in line with the Arts Councils published policy for opera.
Reel Art schemeClosing date passed80000Reel Art is an Arts Council scheme that provides film artists with a unique opportunity to make highly creative, imaginative and experimental documentaries on an artistic theme.
Street art/Spectacle Programme Activity FundClosing date passedUnlimitedThe purpose of the Programme Activity Fund is to assist the Street Arts and Spectacle sector with the costs of one or more elements of an artistic programme planned for 2013.
The Arts Council and RTE film opportunitiesClosing date passed12500In 2012, the Arts Council celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its collection as well as 60 years of supporting the arts. To mark the occasion, the Arts Council and RTÉ will support the making of four short films which respond creatively to the collection. The films will be stand alone pieces of 3 minutes in duration which will be broadcast in RTÉ Television’s weekly arts series, The Works in November and December 2012. Full details available 14 September 2012.
Visual artists' workspace scheme 2014Closing date passed30000The scheme will award grants of up to €30,000 towards running costs such as light, heat, rent, artists development programmes, administration and/or appropriate salary costs. Capital costs cannot be applied for through this scheme. The funding will be offered on a once-off basis for 2014.
Visual arts curator residency schemeClosing date passed20000The purpose of this scheme is to offer visual arts curators the opportunity to research and develop their practice, while developing a year-long work programme in partnership with multi-disciplinary venues and local authorities.
Young ensembles schemeClosing date passed10000The primary purpose of this award is to support groups of young people between the ages of 12 and 23 to create ambitious and original work together in any art form (e.g., circus, dance, digital media, film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts, or any combination of the above).