Making a query

You can submit your enquiry directly to us using the form provided, just click on the enquiry form. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us respond to your enquiry. Be careful to direct it to the contact who can best help. We recommend you look through the resources on our website first before you submit an enquiry.

How do I submit an enquiry using the enquiry form?

Complete the enquiry form including as much detail as possible to help us respond to your enquiry efficiently. Your enquiry will be directed to the staff member who can best help. The information you require may be available from our website, please check our web pages before you submit an enquiry.

Your name:
Email address:
Postal address:
My enquiry is about [category of enquiry]:
What I'd like to know:
I've already contacted or consulted (eg book, person, institution):
Purpose of enquiry (e.g. funding application; newspaper article):
My deadline date:
Enquiry response:

What happens once I have submitted an enquiry?

Within 3 days of submitting your enquiry you will get written acknowledgment. Your enquiry will be logged and queued for response. All enquiries are dealt with in rotation.

How long will it take to respond to my enquiry?

While we try and respond as quickly as possible, please allow at least 10 working days in advance of your deadline. Please remember we can’t give instant response, particularly to complex questions.

If you have a detailed enquiry that might involve and time-consuming work, response may take longer than 10 working days but you will be advised of timescales.

What response will I get to my enquiry?

The response might include:

  • access to relevant Arts Council resources where available;
  • information about other sources and resources that can help;
  • estimate of time needed to undertake response.

What if the information I need is not available?

We will advise if information is not available and explain the reasons why.  Where information is unavailable from the Arts Council, we will forward the details of other organisations or information resources that can help.

Genesis 28:12 (still image) - Martin Healy
arrow bullet iconGenesis 28:12 (DVD) - Martin Healy, 2006, Arts Council collection.
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