11 March 2010: Arts Council Chairman welcomes publication of ‘Innovation Ireland’

Arts Council Chairman Pat Moylan today welcomed the publication of ‘Innovation Ireland’ - the report of the innovation taskforce - and said it underscored how the arts can be used to drive jobs in the digital economy and creative industries.

Ms Moylan said: "We agree with the Taskforce that the arts can play a big part in creating jobs and getting Ireland out of the recession. In particular, we agree that employers in innovative industries and businesses need creative thinkers who are culturally aware to drive their business forward."

"As we shift to a more knowledge-based, services-oriented economy, Ireland is well placed to lead the world in innovation because of its established arts and cultural heritage."

"The digital economy has tremendous potential to create new jobs and new growth.  Companies in this sector are amongst the fastest growing in the world and have become major brands.  In the aftermath of NAMA, there will be land and buildings that will not be used.  Consideration should be given to inviting some of these companies to come and use these properties for a nominal fee.  Ireland did this many years ago with advance factories and should consider it again as a way of attracting in some of these businesses.

"The video games industry is a good example of where the creative industries make a significant contribution to economic activity.  Similarly with online gaming and other creative pieces.  Developers in these spaces increasingly call on art, drama, narratives and music to produce innovative games.  Ireland has the opportunity to make itself a hub for development in these important industries."

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Yelemba dance troupe from the Ivory Coast - Clonmel Junction Festival.

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