13 January 2010: Arts Council releases research on visual artists’ workspaces and public engagement with architecture

In December 2009, the Arts Council released two research reports.

A review of visual artists’ workspaces

Following consultation with visual artists’ studio groups and residential facilities as part of the Partnership for the Arts consultation process, the need for a clear Arts Council policy on its support for artists’ workspaces was identified. It was felt that this would not only assist the Arts Council in its own approach to supporting this sector, but could also provide Council with a platform to highlight the fragile and often precarious position of visual artists’ workspaces and advocate for a greater and enhanced provision in this area.

As part of this process, the Council commissioned ‘A Review into Visual Artists’ Workspaces’ in December 2007. The overall objective of the review was to assess the provision of workspaces for visual artists in the Republic of Ireland and to make suggestions as to how the Arts Council might approach future strategic support and development for workspace provision.

On foot of this review, the Council is currently developing a policy on its support of visual artists’ workspaces.

Download report: A review of visual artists’ workspaces (3.49MB, PDF)

Public engagement with architecture in the Republic of Ireland

In 2008, the Arts Council commissioned research into ‘Public Engagment with Architecture in the Republic of Ireland’ with the purpose of advancing the commitments set out for architecture in Partnership for the Arts. The purpose of the research is to assist the Council in identifying a number of ways in which it can contribute more significantly to public engagement with architecture in the future.

The Council is currently considering actions arising from this research.

Download report: Public engagement with architecture in the Republic of Ireland (.07MB, PDF)

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Yelemba dance troupe from the Ivory Coast - Clonmel Junction Festival.

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