17 June 2009: Joint Arts Councils’ research on artists in Ireland

The Arts Council/ an Chomhairle Ealaíon and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland share a strong strategic commitment to supporting the professional individual artist. The Councils have jointly commissioned Hibernian Consulting to conduct detailed and extensive research into artists’ living and working conditions on an all island basis. The research is undertaken in order to establish an up-to-date and robust evidence base that will be used to inform government funding decisions, effect changes in the regulatory environment for artists, and to modify policy and funding strategies within the Councils themselves. The research will take place during the remainder of 2009 with anticipated completion and publication in 2010.

Hibernian Consulting is an experienced socio-economic research company with considerable arts-related expertise and an excellent track record in completing work on a similar scale. They lead a team which also includes Insight Statistical Consulting and Dr. Clare McAndrew who has built a strong international reputation in the field of artists in the economy, taxation and benefits.

A detailed context paper Research into the Living and Working Conditions of Artists in Ireland (Word, 166KB) has been prepared. The paper addresses the definition of artists, the research rationale, existing data in Ireland, the regulatory and support environment, the changing environment for artists, and a summary of key research issues.

Download context paper (Word, 166KB)

For further information please contact Enid Reid Whyte, Artists’ Research Project Manager, at: enidreid.whyte@artscouncil.ie.


Research modules and timeframe

Inception meetingApril 2009Complete
International literature review and socio-economic context settingApril to November 2009Ongoing
Collation of artists database, survey design and implementationJuly to September 2009Ongoing
Data entry, analysis and interpretationOctober to January 2010
Report draftingJanuary to February 2010
Final report (internal) Spring 2010
Published reportSummer 2010 
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Yelemba dance troupe from the Ivory Coast - Clonmel Junction Festival.

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