19 October 2007: Arts Council awards a further €545,000 to bursary recipients

The Arts Council is delighted to announce today its decisions on the second round of Bursary Awards for 2007. A total of €545,005 has been offered to a further 54 individuals, bringing the total amount awarded to bursaries in 2007 to €1,494,621, an increase of almost €260,000 on the previous year. Nine individuals were awarded multi-annual bursaries in this round, bringing to 44 the number of artists now in receipt of multi-annual bursaries.

The Arts Council has awarded a total of 146 Bursary Awards to artists this year; 21 more than in 2006.

Speaking following the announcement of the decisions, Mary Cloake, Director of the Arts Council said, "I am confident that today’s announcement demonstrates the Council’s ongoing commitment to assisting artists in realising their artistic ambitions. The Bursary Award is a central means of achieving this and it is our intention to continue improving this and all our supports to artists into the future.

The purpose of an Arts Council bursary is to support professional artists at all stages in their careers and in the development of their arts practice. The aim of the award is to allow artists, working in any context or in any artform, to buy space and freedom to concentrate on a body of work and provide the equipment, facilities and third party expertise to develop practice.

Recipients can receive up to a maximum of €15,000 per year through the Bursary award. A number of multi-annual bursaries, which offer artists funding for up to a three-year period, are available each year.

The Arts Council is the Irish Government agency for developing the arts.

Architecture Bursary
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €
Matthew Beattie
Spectacle Bursary
Applicant Amount awarded 2007 
Shaena Brandel €11,425
Total €11,425
Dance Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €
Ríonach Ní Neill
Sascha Perfect€7,300
Film Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €
 Amount awarded 2008 €Amount awarded 2009 €
Cathal Black €15,000€15,000€15,000
Clare Langan €15,000€15,000€15,000
Andrew Legge €10,000
Aoibheann O'Sullivan € 5,000
Orla Ryan € 5,000
Total €50,000
English Language Literature Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €Amount awarded 2008 €Amount awarded 2009 €
Kevin Barry€12,500
Rose Doyle€10,000
Ann-Marie Hourihane € 9,000
Catherine Mac Carthy € 7,500€ 7,500
Martin Malone€ 7,500
Alan McMonagle€ 3,500
Judith Mok€ 9,000
Paul Perry€ 7,500 € 7,500€10,000
John Staples€ 3,500
Dolores Stewart€10,000 €10,000€15,000
Music Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €Amount awarded 2008 €Amount awarded 2009 €
Claire Duff €15,000
Vincent Kennedy € 9,500
Joe O'Callaghan € 7,800
Redmond O'Toole €14,470 €14,740€13,530
Kevin Volans €13,200
Total €59,970
Opera Bursaries
Applicant Amount awarded 2007 €
Ailis Ní Riain €7,335
Participatory Arts Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €
Helene Hugel€14,000
Young People, Children and Education Bursaries
ApplicantAmount   awarded 2007 €
Joanna Parkes €10,000
Visual Arts Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €Amount awarded 2008 €Amount awarded 2009 €
John Beattie €13,170
Cecily Brennan€14,710
Mary Burke€ 1,673
Alan Butler€ 3,268
Declan Clarke €15,000
Michelle Deignan€15,000
Jeanette Doyle €15,000
Emma Finucane€ 3,334
Laura Gannon €15,000€15,000€15,000
Mark Garry €13,699
Cliona Harmey € 4,442
Miriam Lohan€ 7,607
Christine Mackey€12,362
Michael McLoughlin€13,585
Dennis McNulty €14,040
Charlotte Murray€ 2,885
Liam O'Callaghan€12,225
Mandy O'Neill€ 3,000
Alan Phelan €15,000
Garrett Phelan€15,000€15,000€15,000
Sarah Pierce€15,000€15,000

Irish Language Literature Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €
Áine Ní Glinn€10,000
Bríd Ní Mhóráin€15,000
Theatre Bursaries
ApplicantAmount awarded 2007 €
Pat Kinevane€13,000
Pom Boyd€13,000
Simon Doyle € 6,000
George Seremba€ 8,175

Total 2007 Commitment


Total Commitment Round 2 2007-2009:


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Yelemba dance troupe from the Ivory Coast - Clonmel Junction Festival.

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