29 June 2007: Arts Council Announces decisions on Regularly Funded Organisations

The Arts Council, the Irish Government agency for developing the arts, is delighted to announce today, its decisions under its new programme for Regularly Funded Organisations (RFO) for 2008. The Arts Council stated in Partnership for the Arts that it would “tailor our approach to funding to respond to the scale, nature and needs of arts organisations”. Seventy seven organisations have now been offered funding for 2008 totalling €27.6m.

RFO is one of a series of new funding programmes for arts organisations currently being introduced which are designed to replace the long established revenue funding programme. RFO is designed to strengthen and make more secure a group of key arts organisations, by contributing to both their operating and artistic programming costs. A key characteristic is that funding is offered in advance on an annual basis.

Olive Braiden, Chair of the Arts Council said, “We are delighted to be able to offer this new funding programme to a number of arts organisations and we hope that this advanced offer will help with their planning processes and in turn bring more stability to their work.”

Mary Cloake, Director of the Arts Council said: “When we were considering applications received under the RFO programme, it was very apparent that the artistic ambition and organisational capacity shown was of a very high order. While the Council wishes to respond to these high quality proposals as fully as possible, it is currently constrained by continuing uncertainty about its own level of funding for 2008.”

The next in the series of new funding programmes to be introduced will be Annual Programming Grants; it is expected that these decisions will be announced in early October 2007.

To view the RFO decisions, please go to the decisions database and select regularly funded organisations in the fund dropdown and 2007 in the year dropdown.

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Yelemba dance troupe from the Ivory Coast - Clonmel Junction Festival.

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