02 October 2012: RAISE: Building Fundraising Capacity pilot initiative launched

The Arts Council has launched the RAISE: Building Fundraising Capacity pilot initiative. Professional one-to-one support will be provided to seven selected organisations for two years through planning and implementing a tailored fundraising programme. The project will be guided by a specialist team composed of the company 2into3 and Kingsley Aikins of Networking Matters.

The arts organisations participating in the RAISE pilot are:

  • Irish Film Institute
  • Royal Hibernian Academy
  • Na Piobairi Uilleann
  • Galway Arts Festival
  • The Model
  • National Chamber Choir
  • Wexford Festival Opera

As part of the selection process, all demonstrated that they have the ambition, potential and commitment to raise more than €250,000 per annum in private investment.