Information directories

Publications marked N/A are not available in electronic format.
Local authority festivals 2008/09 (PDF, 0.15 MB) A listing of local authority festivals for 2008/09 funded by the Arts Council.20088
Arts festival calendar 2008 (PDF, 0.19 MB) A listing of festivals funded by the Arts Council in 2008.200810
Arts-in-Education Directory 2007 (PDF, 0.60 MB) A directory of arts organisations working with primary and second level schools in 2007. The directory was compiled from questionnaires sent in March and April 2007 to all organisations and local authorities in receipt of Arts Council revenue funding in 2007, seeking information about their arts-in-education programmes.200787
Arts in schools 2004 (directory) (PDF, 0.26 MB) A directory of organisations running arts-in-schools programmes in 2004.200488
Supporting arts in education (PDF, 0.15 MB) Directory of organisations with arts in schools programmes that received Arts Council funding in 2003200356
Arts and disability handbook (PDF, 0.28 MB) The Arts and Disability Handbook has been produced in recognition of the particular need for improved information and communication about arts and disability issues throughout Ireland. The handbook has been designed to be of practical use to the widest range of people, including anyone with an interest in arts and disability, people with disabilities, disability organisations, arts organisations, artists, arts workers and the general public.1999107
Writers in schoolsA joint promotion of the Arts Councils in Ireland1998N/A
Writers-in-schools directory (1996 revised)A joint promotion of the Arts Councils in Ireland1996N/A
The guide to exhibition venues in Ireland: second edition1994N/A
The guide to exhibition venues in Ireland1992N/A
Writers-in-schoolsA joint promotion of the Arts Councils in Ireland1988N/A
Writers in schools directory 1981-1983A joint promotion of the Arts Councils in Ireland1984N/A
Find your music in Ireland1982N/A
Writers in schools directory 1979-1980A joint promotion of the Arts Councils in Ireland1981N/A
Writers in schools directory 1978-1979A joint promotion of the Arts Councils in Ireland1978N/A
Film directories, 1978-1989 a film magazine for IrelandVol. 1-91978N/A
Writers in schools directory 1977-19781977N/A