Policy papers

The Arts Council sets policy to ensure that all of our funding is spent strategically, that all of our actions reflect the long-term interests of the arts community and that all of our decisions are transparent and fair. We aim to have policies which are current and relevant and which reflect our role as an expert agency in the arts.

Policy papers marked N/A are not available in electronic format.

Arts and Disability (2012-2016) Arts Council Policy and Strategy (PDF, 3.98 MB) The Arts Council's Arts and Disability policy and strategy outlines the Arts Council's support and understanding of arts and disability practice and the make-up of the sector. The policy is built on a set of key values including a commitment to equality and inclusion and recognition of the complexity and diversity of the people and practices involved. The strategy takes a holistic approach with measures designed to mainstream access alongside a series of strategic targeted supports and a programme to build capacity both within the Arts Council and across the arts sector. 201220
Missing a beat: bridging Ireland's orchestral gaps (Arts Council introduction) (DOC, 0.10 MB) This note introduces the report 'Missing a beat: bridging Ireland's orchestral gaps' from the perspective of the Arts Council /An Chomhairle Ealaíon.20122
Opera policy (DOC, 0.10 MB) Opera policy - summary policy paper20111
Arts and health - policy and strategy (PDF, 0.08 MB) The Arts Council recognises the complexity of the arts and health sector and the many stakeholders involved in its development. It has developed a five-year strategy, which aims to address specific needs appropriate to its role as the national agency for funding, developing and promoting the arts in Ireland. It involves actions and commitments in the following areas: the promotion of arts and health at national level; resources and supports, partnerships.201010
Supporting the production and presentation of theatre - A new approach (PDF, 0.06 MB) The Arts Council published a discussion document, Examining New Ways to Fund the Production and Presentation of Theatre in 2009. This document formed the basis of consultation with the theatre community to identify an approach supporting the production and presentation of theatre that allows for the holistic development of audiences, practitioners and repertoire and to address the challenges facing both the theatre community and the Arts Council. The Arts Council's new approach is informed by a careful consideration of this process, and by the Council's existing policy for theatre, with particular reference to Partnership for the Arts.20107
An integrated dance strategy 2010-2012 (PDF, 0.08 MB) This paper outlines how the Arts Council intends to build on its review of Partnership for the Arts concluded in June 2008, and offers a more developed and integrated overview of how the Council envisages dance provision in the future. The document aims to capitalise on the existing framework while proposing new strategic priorities that specifically address mid-term developments in dance. 201011
Visual artists' workspaces in Ireland - A new approach (DOC, 0.18 MB) Following discussion with visual artists' studio groups and residential facilities as part of the Partnership for the Arts consultation process, the need for a clear Arts Council policy in support of artists' workspaces was identified. The Council commissioned a Review of Artists' Workspaces in Ireland to provide information on visual artists' workspaces and to make suggestions on how the Arts Council might offer supports to these spaces in the future. As an outcome of the review, the Council agreed to consider a new studio policy. This paper outlines the new policy approach..20108
Cultural diversity and the arts - policy and strategy (PDF, 0.08 MB) The Arts Council has developed this policy and strategy for cultural diversity in the arts in order to inform its work over the coming years and to support the wider arts sector in developing its thinking and practice20108
Missing a beat: bridging Ireland's orchestral gaps (2010 report & 2012 update) (DOC, 1.07 MB) This report offers a comprehensive overview of orchestral activity in Ireland. It looks at the stakeholders and resource organisations that sustain this activity and presents research on orchestral activity in international locations including Scotland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, USA and Australia. The report was submitted to the Arts Council in September 2010 and includes a 2012 update.2010177
Touring policy 2010 to 2015 (, ) The Arts Council has adopted a new policy for touring, to be delivered over the six year period 2010-2015. 20092
Raising your voice: towards a policy for the development of choral music in Ireland (PDF, 3.56 MB) This report presents an overview of current choral music practice and performance in Ireland, together with proposals for its future strategic development. An initial Arts Council response to the report is also included.200880
Arts and disability - summary policy paper (PDF, 0.04 MB) Arts and disability - summary policy paper2006N/A
Traditional arts: background discussion paper (PDF, 0.04 MB) A summary of the Arts Council's aim to significantly improve provision for the traditional arts. It looks at the different strengths and challenges in developing the traditional arts, and identifies what can be done by the Arts Council and others to further this development. 20053
The participation of young people in the arts in Ireland (PDF, 0.09 MB) A proposed policy and action plan for the period of the third arts plan200532
Towards a policy for the traditional arts (PDF, 0.14 MB) 200440
A policy framework for education, community, outreach (ECO) (PDF, 0.10 MB) 200430
Submission to international arts policy review (PDF, 0.11 MB) 200325
Towards a policy and action plan for opera: a report for the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaion (PDF, 0.23 MB) 200280
Weighing poetry: Exploring funding criteria for assessing artistic quality (DOC, 0.04 MB) A discussion of and proposal for criteria to be used in assessing artistic quality for the purposes of assessment and decision making. 20005
Disability and the Arts Council (PDF, 0.07 MB) A discussion document199826