Strategy documents

Strategy documents marked N/A are not available in electronic format.
Developing the Arts: Arts Council Strategic Statement (PDF, 0.46 MB) 20139
Developing the arts 2011-2013 (PDF, 0.22 MB) This document outlines the Arts Council's strategic direction over the three-year period 2011-2013. We describe our values and remit from Government and provide an overview of the Arts Council's approach to supporting the arts. 201114
Partnership for the Arts in practice 2006-2008/Comhpháirtíocht ar son na nEalaíon cleachtais 2006-2008 (PDF, 0.31 MB) 2005100
Partnership for the arts/Comhpháirtíocht ar son na nEalaíon (PDF, 0.1 MB) 200567
Strategy for the development of the arts in the Gaeltacht 2005-2009 (PDF, 0.56 MB) 200430
Action plan 04 (PDF, 0.18 MB) 200460
The arts plan 2002-2006 (PDF, 0.13 MB) 200254
Evaluation of the arts plan 1999-2001 (PDF, 0.11 MB) 200136
The arts plan 1999-2001: Consultative review (PDF, 0.11 MB) No. 2 resource document series199935
The arts plan 1999-2001 (PDF, 0.45 MB) 199963
The arts plan 1999-2001- Executive summaryAvailable in English and Irish1999N/A
The arts plan 1995-1997 - a midterm review (PDF, 0.14 MB) 199724
The arts plan 1995-19971994N/A