Research into public engagement and architecture in the Republic of Ireland: invitation to tender

Decision date for applications: 30 November 2007

The Arts Council wishes to retain a research consultant(s) to identify and assess supports for the public’s engagement with architecture in the Republic of Ireland, to conduct a needs assessment and benchmark current supports for public engagement with architecture in Ireland, and to offer recommendations as to how public engagement with architecture might be best developed/ supported.

The tender is aimed at individual consultants or teams of consultants with both knowledge of public engagement with architecture, and professional research expertise.

Research objectives

This research project will meet the following objectives:

  • Identify and review existing infrastructure and supports for public engagement with architecture in Ireland.
  • Explore the needs of the public and stakeholders in relation to public engagement with architecture.
  • Analyse the gap between existing supports [Arts Council and supports of other agencies] and potential needs for supporting public engagement with architecture.
  • Benchmark current Irish public engagement with architecture practices against models and structures of International best practice.
  • Establish priorities in relation to developing and implementing supports for best practice in public engagement with architecture.

Research deliverables

This research will produce the following deliverables:

  • A profile of existing infrastructure and supports relating to the public’s engagement with architecture.
  • Needs-assessment through consultation with the public and the architectural sector.
  • Gap analysis of needs versus available supports.
  • Identification of international best practice models and benchmarking with the Irish context.
  • Recommendations as to how public engagement with architecture practices might be best developed/ supported.

Research output

A research report written to high publication standards should be produced. The report should include details of the methodology used, research findings, conclusions, recommendations and a bibliography.

The report must be submitted in hard copy (unbound) and as a Microsoft Word generated file. The report will be made available to policymakers, practitioners, stakeholders and the general public.

Further information

For information on the research brief including tender submission details please visit

Deadline for submission

Proposals should be submitted not later than 12 noon Friday 30 November 2007. Three copies of the proposal should be sent in writing to: Aoife Corbett, Architecture Team, Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaion, 70 Merrion Square Dublin 2.

arrow bullet iconDrain 1985, (wood & steel), Dorothy Cross 1985, Arts Council Virtual Gallery.
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