Street art/Spectacle Programme Activity Fund

Closing date: Closing date passed

Maximum awarded: Unlimited

Artform & practices: Spectacle, Street arts

Applicant type: All

Collaborative application possible? No

Contact: Úna McCarthy

Position: Head of Street Arts and Spectacle

Telephone: 01 6180200


The Arts Council is pleased to invite applications for a new fund to support professional Street Arts and Spectacle practitioners.

The purpose of the Programme Activity Fund (PAF) is to assist the Street Arts and Spectacle sector with the costs of one or more elements of an artistic programme planned for 2013. The elements of this programme of activity could identify new ways of making work or to present ambitious work in the public realm. The Programme Activity Fund is not intended to support the core or administrative costs of the organisation.


The deadline for the scheme is 5.30pm Thursday 06 December 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be submitted using the Arts Council’s online services website.


Click on the following link to download a copy of the guidelines for the scheme:

Making an application

Applications for the scheme must be made through the Arts Councils online services website. You must sign up to the online services website to make an application.

  • Register with online services (if new user)
  • Log in to online services (if registered user)

The window for making an online application opens on Tuesday 6 November 2012.

IMPORTANT: You can only use the application form, available to download from the online services website, to make your application. This application form must be filled in using either Microsoft Word or the free open-source software OpenOffice. Do not use any other software to complete this form as you will be unable to submit your application and you will have to redo your application using the correct software. Don’t forget to save your application as .doc.

Need help making an online application?

For information on how to make an online application:

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