11 May 2013: Eloquent and Elevated

Eloquent and Elevated

Galway Early Music Festival welcomes Irish choir Resurgam directed by Mark Duley, and Erin Headley and her award-winning ensemble Atalante, whose members come from Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Greece and the UK. Together Atalante and Resurgam will present a concert, which will include works by Luigi Rossi, Marco Marazzoli, and Domenico Mazzocchi.

The inspiration for Atalante is the lirone, an ethereal-sounding multi-string bowed instrument said to ‘transport the soul and elevate the spirit’. As well as the lirone, Atalante includes the triple harp, chitarrone and harpsichord. This ensemble will create an otherworldly ambiance for the extraordinary vocal repertoire of 17th-century Rome to be experienced at this special concert.


11 May 2013



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Galway Early Music Festival

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