24 January 2013: The Dinner Party: Not Just a Dublin Coddle

The Dinner Party: Not Just a Dublin Coddle

South Dublin County Council is collaborating with Tallaght Community Arts and The Bluecoat on The Dinner Party: Not Just a Dublin Coddle, a project highlighting the experiences, realities, and ambitions of artists with disabilities who work in a disability service context.

From January to April, two artist groups (the Blue Room and Doors to Elsewhere) will collaborate with digital and visual artists to share online their practice, interests and goals. Together, they will plan a participatory arts dinner party involving video, performance, and visual arts. The event will be held in April, when the Blue Room arrives in Tallaght, and the dinner party will involve the Blue Room and Doors to Elsewhere sharing, discussing and debating with invited guests about the space created for their practice, and the challenges facing its sustainability and autonomy within the professional arts.


January-April 2013


South Dublin County Council

Lead organisation

South Dublin County Council Arts Office


Tallaght Community Arts; Doors to Elsewhere; The Bluecoat (Liverpool); Blue Room (Liverpool).

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