08 March 2013: United States of Europe

United States of Europe

The United States of Europe is an exhibition offering artists' perspectives on citizenship, freedom of expression, democracy and people's sense of identity.

The exhibition features video, installation and photographic works, and provides opportunities to encounter artworks from significant artists working in very different economies and locations. How Capital Moves, the work of Irish artists, Kennedy Browne, creatively investigates what happens when a multinational company moves from one country to another and explores the effect of such easy movement of capital across borders.

There will also be a platform of talks and workshops to provoke debate, and a multimedia laboratory that combines sociological and interactive elements.


8-30 March 2013



Lead organisation

Cork Civic Trust & National Sculpture Factory/ Cork Vision Centre partnership, in association with the Crawford Art Gallery


Goethe Institut Paris (initiated by Johanna Suo) and supported by the EU Cultural Programme 2007-2013

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Photograph shows artwork How Capital Moves by Kennedy Browne, 2010

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