01 April 2013: From Viljandi to Kinvara

From Viljandi to Kinvara

From Viljandi to Kinvara is a project which brings together Irish musicians Mick O’Brien and Dave Flynn with Estonian musicians Juhan and Janne Suits for a series of events in Ireland in April 2013. They will present concerts and workshops exploring the musical links between Irish and Estonian traditional music.

To facilitate close collaboration, O’Brien and Flynn will travel to Estonia to explore the intricacies of Estonian folk music, develop a shared repertoire with their Estonian colleagues, and find inspiration for a new collaborative composition of 10-minutes duration which will form the centrepiece of the events in April. The instrumentation for the work will include Estonian bagpipes, Estonian bowed lyre, uilleann pipes and guitar.


April 2013


Galway and Dublin

Lead person

Dave Flynn


Juhan and Janne Suits

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