28 December 2012: Tír a Môr

Tír a Môr

Ealaín na Gaeltachta hosts an arts planning forum in Dún Chaoin with artists and potential project partner organisations from islands such as Pen Llyn in Wales and Scheermonichoeg in the Netherlands, as well as arts partners such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo, Galicia.

The forum reflects on previous Gaeltacht contemporary arts networking initiatives, such as Ealaíon ar Oileán held in 2009, and on arts projects undertaken by members of the Celtic Neighbours network, such as the Tair music tour across Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Contemporary artists across all disciplines from visual arts, film and dance to traditional music will present case studies and examples of their work and collaborative artistic projects. Forum participants will explore transnational project ideas and proposals that would enable commissioning of new artistic works, participative arts projects, touring and other actions to enhance contemporary arts creation and provision in Island communities in Europe.


March 2013



Lead organisation

Ealaín na Gaeltachta


Celtic Neighbours network

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