01 March 2013: European Arts Ability Weekend

European Arts Ability Weekend

The European Arts Ability Weekend is a combination of workshops, learning activities and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for arts and health and arts and disability groups from Ireland, Wales and Sweden.

Taking place in Wexford Arts Centre, over one long weekend, the event will act as a platform for artists and groups to exchange contacts, experiences and learning. A highlight of the weekend will be a performance by MB Rockers, a music group that has made a significant impact on the mainstream as well as the arts and disability circuit in Sweden. The weekend ties in with County Wexford’s Arts Ability Programme - an ongoing initiative which focuses on celebrating the artistic and creative imagination of people who experience mental health issues and/or intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities


March 2013



Lead organisation

Wexford County Council


Wexford County Council, Wexford Arts Centre, Studieframjandet (Sweden), Disability Arts Cymru (Wales), Coracle Project (Wales).

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Photograph: Hospital with Garden (acrylic on canvas 100 x100cm) by Mary Holohan

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