24 December 2012: Stair na gCeilteach

Stair na gCeilteach

This partnership led by Ealaín na Gaeltachta will undertake a multidisciplinary exploration phase for a site-specific show, themed Stair na gCeilteach, using video-mapping. Produced by Fíbín, working with Ivan Dominguez of Improbable Films from Spain, Gaeltacht artists and Welsh and Gaeltacht choirs, the show will ultimately bring video, music, theatre and traditional dance together at an outside space in Connemara.

During his time in Ireland for the project development phase, Ivan Dominguez will give workshops and demonstrations to local secondary schools introducing them to the art of video-mapping. The producers will have a draft script and a minute-long film, as a result of the creative process involving all the artistic partners. The next step will be the pre-production for the show with development meetings in partner countries resulting in a finalised script and a production budget.


30 January-30 April 2013



Lead organisation

Ealaín na Gaeltachta Teo


Fíbín Teo, Improbable Films (Spain), Rod Goodhall (Independent director), Cór Taobh a Leithéid, Cor Cardi Gan (Wales)

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