01 April 2013: Music in hospitals - seven years on

Music in hospitals - seven years on

In April 2013 the Waterford Healing Arts Trust will bring together key musicians involved in the Music in Hospitals programme for a three-day residency in Waterford.

The original programme, funded under Culture 2000 in 2006, involved Music et Santé, Arts for Health and WHAT. The residency will re-energise the WHAT music programme by drawing on the expertise of key musicians such as Philippe Bouteloup, Ros Howley and Kevin O’ Shanahan. There will also be an exchange of knowledge and experience between visiting and WHAT musicians; a series of co-facilitated music workshops in the neonates department of Waterford Regional Hospital, and Waterford Mental Health Services; and a public talk that will document, celebrate and share the legacy and impact of the original music in hospitals programme.


April 2013



Lead organisation

Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT)


Musique et Santé (France), Royal Northern College of Music Manchester, Waterford Mental Health Services, Waterford Regional Hospital

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Photograph shows Kevin O'Shanahan

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